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IC Power Exchange (A Division of InstoComp Inc.) adheres to strict PRIVACY rules in order to protect our client information and privacy.

We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT sell, rent, copy all or segmented bits of data to other third parties under any circumstances that are not directly related to the commercial transactions we are processing.

Your personal and commercial information is used only for IC Power Exchange (A Division of InstoComp Inc.)'s business purposes and with the intent to facilitate and complete the transactions you have initiated when utilizing the IC Power Exchange (A Division of InstoComp Inc.) systems.

We reserve the right at our discretion, to share any data pertaining to the transactions with our affiliates, partners, customs brokers, transportation companies and other government mandated agencies that may require reporting of the transactions we are processing.

We will also facilitate any all information requested by legitimate authorized representatives of the buyer or any duly mandated foreign government agency to facilitate the import processes and/or assessment of duties/taxes/penalties in the country to were the products are being shipped.

Please follow this link to read or download the [LEGAL] terms under which IC Power Exchange (A Division of InstoComp Inc.) provides its services.



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